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Call for the Ceramics Mural "RAWSON IN THE BICENTENNIAL"

Call for the Ceramics Mural
“ Rawson in the Bicentennial”
1810- 25th May - 2010

Rawson City Hall
Capital of Chubut Province
With the support of
Chubut Pronvince Culture Secretary
Patagonia – Argentina

All artists who work with ceramics, are invited to send a Ceramics plate (tile, mosaic) as a contribution, to participate in the Popular Ceramics Mural “ Rawson in the Bicentennial”, to be celebrated next year, 2010, in our country. The Revolution on the 25th May 1810, when the first Patriotic Government was installed, was the starting point for the following Independence, declared in 1816.
This is a project of the Rawson City Hall Ceramics Studio, through its teachers and artists Bibiana Iralde and Sonja Vitulic, who thank the artist Cristina del Castillo from Paso de los Libres, Corrientes province, author of the project “ Artists Plates I,II and III “ ( see: http://www.placasdeartistas.com.ar/). They also want to thank the Artists of the Hanoi Mural Project, in Vietnam (see: http://www.hanoimural.vn/), for their support and in the diffusion of our initiative, and fraternally joining our two projects in the celebration of the 1000 years of Hanoi city, taking place in 2010.
The blog http://ceramicaenrawson.blogspot.com/ has been created to answer questions about the call for tiles and for news and information. This blog will be constantly updated to show the activities of the Rawson City Hall Ceramics Studio.
The Bicentennial Mural will be located in one or many Public Buildings of our city. The Culture Secretary and the Urban Planning Secretary representatives from the City Hall and Provincial government will agree this on respectively.
We thank you all in advance who disseminate this information.
We hope to achieve, by the 25th May 2010, a work of art, which shows not only our country’s bicentennial but through the language of art and brotherhood, we can create a more peaceful world.


*) Each participant will send one (1) ceramics tile following these measures:
Minimum: 20x20 cm (8x8 inches)
Maximum: 40x40 cm (16x16 niches)
Thickness: not more than 4 cm.
*) Please, do not include excessive or delicate reliefs in order to ovoid damages in the future. Leave the back textured to make placement much easier.
*) Free techniques, using only ceramics processes. It’s recommended to use materials and temperatures which are able to stand exterior conditions.
*) The topic could be allusive to the date we celebrate in Argentina: 25th May 1810, when our first Patriotic Government was established, one of the first calls for freedom, which pave the way for the Independence of Latin American countries. But we also want to accompany the Bicentennial festivities with expressions of freedom, peace, brotherhood and friendship of all countries, where everybody shows our desires of a better world, without political, racists, religious or gender distinctions, where language barriers do not separate us, because we are joined by the universal language of art.
*) On the front of the plate in bas-relief, or carved, if it is possible, write the author’s name and surname, city and country and the piece of art name.
*) The institutions, companies, associations, etc, which would like to be present in the mural “ Rawson in the Bicentennial”, can order their plate in the City Hall Ceramics Studio (workshop), in exchange for materials or services for the above mentioned studio.
*) Enrolment is free. Postage will be provided by the author. The organizers will not pay or recognize postage and handling or freight cost.
*) Add the participation form with the wages completed. If anyone wants, a CD with a digital picture of the plate and the artist own photo, can be sent to be registered in the blog.
Send to:
“ Mural Rawson en el Bicentenario”
Centro Cultural José Hernandez
Diagonal Galina s/n
( 9103) Rawson – Chubut
Te. 54+ 02965-485564
Te.Fax: 54+02965-481196
E-mail: tcmrawson@gmail.com


From now up to 31st December 2010

We will be waiting for your pieces of art!!!!

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